Q: So what the heck is this Grillers Anonymous thing?

A: Grillers Anonymous is an organization of gentlemen for who share an interest in grilling and craft beers. Started in 2009, the group has grown to over 100 members. We are based in the Western Suburbs of Chicago but have Meatings all over the Chicagoland area.

Q: What do I bring?

A: Bring yourself, a six pack of your favorite beer, your favorite meat to grill (enough for 4-5 servings), and some loose fitting clothes to make room for all this food!

Q: Where are Grillers Anonymous held?

A: Grillers Anonymous events are normally held at a member’s house on a monthly basis. The day of the week depends, but usually Saturdays or Sundays. We are always looking for volunteers to host, it doesn’t take much other than a grill and room in our yard for some guests.

Q: Is Grillers Anonymous really men only?

A: Yes. Although, the Grillers Anonymous events are guys only, but we will have periodic bar based events for the X and Y chromosomes to mix.

Q: Do you really grill in the cold?

A:Yes! Grillers Anonymous is a year round grilling organization and we spend 90% of the time outside. We grill, rain, shine, snow, etc. Make sure you dress for the weather!

Q: Does it cost anything to join Grillers Anonymous?

A: No it does not. There are T-shirts and other merchandise for sale that help fund some of the expenses that the chapter has I.e. this Website, Meetup (where we mostly get new members), the keg for St Patty's Day, etc.  We also offer the ability to donate via Paypal, Venmo and Zelle

Q: What is a Grill Master Champion?

A: Every month the best recipe is selected and the honor is bestowed in the form of Grill Master Champion. Perks include bragging rights and the knowledge that everyone else is number two or lower.